Who wants Fairy Lights?

A BIG range of fairy lights is due in store the first week of November! From solar to battery operated, coloured and plain white! There’s even some pinecone lights (very cool) and copper wire LED’s that you can put into any shape you want.

It’s just around the corner now, get in early and leave the mayhem to others!

New Products Added!

Today we added more products to the Halloween and Christmas pre order categories.  we also added several new categories that you can order from, check out the Spiritual Collection and Books ranges! It’s just a small taste of what we can get in for you. The products will display “out of stock” however you can still order and we will ship to you when they arrive. Alternatively contact us if you would like to know how far away they are.

Some items in the book range MUST be preordered as they are only printed in limited stock and it’s very easy to miss out!

Online Store

It’s finally happening! We’re getting an online store 🙂 

Hopefully we’ll be operational in early September, our goal is to start with a Pre-order facility for Halloween and Christmas. Halloween products are due in store around mid September and our Christmas stock starts coming in early October through to the end of November.

Pre-ordering online gives you a 15% discount on products (in the pre-order categories). We’ll box up your orders and let you know when they are ready.

Soon we’ll have all our gift lines available online as well, and these can be added to your pre-orders or purchased separately.